Sara Rossi, Otto, 2008

Six channel video installation
6 videos of 6', loop.

The subtitles for the six videos are:
Erosion, Infinite End, Ring-Around-A-Rosy, Eternal Return, Wheelbarrow, Ruins.

Six videos are back-projected simultaneosly on a suspended hexagonal structure wherer each face corresponds to a screen. A musical soundtrack is amplified by a group of downwards-facing loudspeakers arranged in a circle over the video-projectors.

The palindromic title of the work refers both to the material from wich the images originate, prevalently amateur filmwork using film found in flea markets and collected over the years, and to the iconic meaning of the number, which symbolizes infinity when it is placed on one side.
The hexagonal structure of the installation also resembles a diamond shape, which provides multiple views and various aspects of the same changing reality. The editing concept it was guided by the idea of impermanence, where time is something cyclical and memory stitches together fragments that are otherwise distant in space or time.

Thanks to for their collaboration: Daniele Rossi - Installation project; Banda Putiferio, Metro Benzina - Music; Enrico Fornello - Production.